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Our approach is to help and fight against extreme poverty in Peru and the world

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The ONG ARPOZO UNITED BROTHERS: we are a Peruvian organization for the purpose of aid and fight against extreme poverty, founded on the personal and humanitarian initiative of carrying out social work assisting the poorest and most vulnerable populations in Peru, which has been further aggravated with the Covid-19 pandemic, a scourge that affects all of humanity and that affects with greater intensity the most needy class with low economic resources, which is located mainly in human settlements and young towns in the hills and pampas from the capital Lima; In the same way, we observe that poverty increased in the interior of the country, especially in the mountains and jungle, so we are decentralizing social assistance to the provinces and areas of the Andean zone where assistance from the State or another does not reach nature.


To fulfill our mission, we have development projects throughout the country. In this context, we began our activities in January 2020, initially with social aid in Lima, in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic, thanks to the brave and sacrificial effort of our intrepid young volunteers, who brought food, medicine and coats to the most in need of human settlements. Then, in September 2020 we are already directing these aid to the high Andean areas of the regions of Apurímac, Ayacucho, Huancavelica and Cusco, a geographical area recognized as the “Andean Trapeze of Poverty”.


We have an excellent team of professionals in the direction of our organization, confident and convinced of achieving our goals, with a single purpose of serving those most in need, that is why we believe in our altruistic purposes that will be accompanied by good spiritual faith and God’s blessing, yes we will.

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The  ONG ARPOZO UNITED BROTHERS was created and founded by the Peruvian-American philanthropist Alberto Rolando Pozo Palomino, born in the city of Huanta, known as the beautiful “Esmeralda de los Andes”, in the Ayacucho Region, by profession Business Administrator, Former member of the Special Forces of the Peruvian Army, currently based in the State of New York-USA, who, aware and moved by the difficult reality that his homeland Peru is going through, on his own initiative decides to undertake humanitarian aid to the most impoverished areas of his country, starting activities in March 2020, initially assisting the poorest areas of the Peruvian capital, being present in various soup kitchens in the north and south cones of Lima, delivering food, medicine, coats, among others, in order to alleviate the state of need, aggravated by the global Covid-19 pandemic; counting on the support of numerous volunteers who have joined this noble cause the most urgent needs of these needy populations. Gradually, in addition to Limay Callao, this assistance has been covering other places of extreme poverty in the departments of Ayacucho, Huancavelica, Apurímac, Cusco, Lambayeque and La Libertad. Currently there is a firm commitment to grow as an Institution and in the dimension of aid to the most needy populations in the country.

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